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On orders of 5 items or more please contact us by phone 832-273-5721 or by email before placing the order.
Custom Feather Flag Banners

Great portability and versatility

Custom Feather

Easily Transport and Install

Custom Teardrop Flag Banners

Popular and uniquely designed

Custom Teardrop
Flag Banners

Great to use for any outdoor

or indoor event.

Custom Printed Flags

Attract Customers to
Your Business Using

Custom Printed

Custom Table Covers

Make your trade show or
event table pop with 

Custom Table

Custom Vinyl Banners

Convey your message with

Custom Vinyl

pre printed feather flags

Save time with

Pre-Printed Products


Highest Quality, Lowest Price, and Free Design

At Promotional Signs, we specialize in feather flags, custom signs, table covers and other promotional products so if you’re looking for high quality indoor or outdoor signs or other promotional supplies, we have what you need.  We offer the highest quality flag banners and custom printed flags at the lowest prices. With the patent rights reserved for our feather style flags, we can assure you we have authentic items.  We also brand items with your business logo or sports team, including


The Best


Guaranteed Free Design 

100% Customer Satisfaction

5 Star Rated Service

The Benefits of Feather Flag Banner Signs

Feather flag banners offer a range of benefits that make them a popular choice for businesses and events looking to attract attention and convey messages effectively. Here are some key benefits of feather flag banners:

  • High Visibility: Feather flags are tall and often placed at eye level, making them easily visible from a distance. They stand out in crowded spaces, making sure your message doesn't go unnoticed.

  • Portability: Feather flags are lightweight and easy to transport. They can be quickly set up and taken down, making them suitable for events, trade shows, outdoor promotions, and more.

  • Versatility: These banners can be used both indoors and outdoors, adapting to various settings and weather conditions. They are ideal for promoting businesses, products, or events in different environments.

  • Customization: Feather flags can be customized with your brand's logo, colors, and messages. This personalization helps strengthen brand recognition and promotes consistency in your marketing efforts.

  • Variety of Sizes and Shapes: Feather flags come in various sizes and shapes, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs. This variety helps you tailor your message to specific occasions or spaces.

  • Effective Communication: Due to their height and movement with the wind, feather flags attract attention and convey messages quickly. They are a dynamic way to showcase your products, promotions, or announcements.

  • Cost-Effective: Feather flags offer a cost-effective advertising solution compared to more permanent signage options. They can be used repeatedly and easily updated with new graphics as needed.

  • Quick Setup: Setting up a feather flag is quick and hassle-free. There's no need for complicated installation processes or tools, which is particularly useful for temporary events.

  • Durability: High-quality feather flags are designed to withstand outdoor elements, including wind and rain. They are made from durable materials that can withstand wear and tear over time.

  • Atmosphere Enhancement: Feather flags add a vibrant and dynamic element to any space. Their movement in the wind adds energy and life to your promotional area.

  • Branding Reinforcement: By displaying your brand's logo and colors prominently, feather flags reinforce your brand identity and create a consistent visual experience for customers.

  • Eye-Catching Design: With their unique shape and movement, feather flags are visually captivating, making them more likely to grab people's attention and leave a memorable impression.

  • Temporary Promotions: Perfect for announcing limited-time offers, sales, events, or promotions. Feather flags create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate action.

  • Non-Intrusive: Feather flags are non-intrusive and don't take up much space, making them ideal for locations with limited area for signage.

  • Reusable: With proper care, feather flags can be used repeatedly for different campaigns and events, making them a sustainable and eco-friendly advertising option.

  • Incorporating feather flag banners into your marketing strategy can help enhance your brand's visibility, engage potential customers, and create a lasting impact. By focusing on the unique benefits these banners offer, you can effectively communicate why they are an excellent choice for businesses seeking attention-grabbing signage

    Production time at the moment for fabric product order quantity of 3 or more  is 8 to 12 business days and then it ships. Production time of fabric product order quantity of 1 to 2 is 10 to 14 business days and then it ships. (Contact our associates for production time on non-fabric products)

    Shipping companies may have delays due to world events. Please give your

    self a big enough time frame for unexpected shipping delays. Once your order leaves our facility we are not responsible for any shipping delays that may occur with the shipping carrier. 

    Feather Flag Banners, Teardrop Flags, Custom Flags, Table Covers & Signs
    Increase your Businesses Sales! 

    Design advertising flags yourself or send us your files (logos, images) and we can design them for you for free. We also have feather flags, teardrop flags, custom printed flags, and tables covers. All of our flags are Made high quality materials. These amazing and colorful feather flags can increase your sales by up to 20%. Find the flag that fits your business and start making more money now. Contact us for more info about custom flags.

    Different Sizes on Custom Flags

    Let your creativity loose and create some awesome signs at some of the lowest prices on the web. We’ll always double check your files to make sure they are print ready — if not, we will contact you. Design with no worries! You can upload your own images or take pictures on the fly with your cell phone. We have six standard sizes that you can purchase for custom flags – 2×3′, 3×5′, 4×6′, 5×8′, 6×10′ and 8×12′, Sizes allow options for all budgets. Visit our custom flags page to view our specials and options for your sign. Almost all of our custom signs are available in double-sided prints with grommets or sleeves, therefore, giving you more options to advertise your business.

    Have a Unique Design? Contact Us

    Looking for a particular custom design for your order that you do not see on our website? Contact us! Send us a sketched image or the design file and we’ll try to make it happen. We love a challenge, just be sure to order early so we have enough time for trial and error.

    About Us

    As any business owner can tell you, creating and advertising your brand is one of the most important things you can do. Maximizing your visibility to potential clients will increase your sales and propel your business to the next level. Contact us for the perfect promotional signs for all sizes of businesses, sports teams or individuals. Most of the products we offer are fully customizable. We can brand items with your business logo or sports team, including full color and high quality graphics. Plus, unlike many other promotional companies, the BASIC DESIGN IS ALWAYS FREE!   (UP TO 3 FREE PROOFS! SOME NON FABRIC PRODUCTS MAY BE EXCLUDED)  We offer flag banners to draw attention to your business from the roadside. These are fully customizable with a huge range of options.

    Why Shop Here

    We offer the highest quality flag banners and custom printed flags at the lowest prices. We own the patent rights reserved for our feather style flags, we can assure you we have authentic items. We offer our custom banner flags in 3 different sizes —8ft, 14ft, and 17ft for our feather flag kits and 7ft, 12ft, and 16ft for our teardrop flag kits. We have many sizes to choose from, one of these sizes will surely work for your event. All of our custom flags come in either single-sided or double-sided banner prints.  We use a 100% block-out in between our double-sided flag prints, therefore there is no bleed through from one side to the other.

    Trade-show Displays

    We offer a variety of signs that are used at hundreds of trade shows and conventions every year. Our most popular products are custom feather flags and table covers.  When all of these signs are used at your booth, you will be noticed. When used properly, you will stand out from everyone else around you. A typical setup would include a table cover in the middle, a flag banner on each side of your booth, with vinyl banners tied to the top of your tent. Not only will your location attract a larger audience, but the images of your product(s) on the signs will begin creating instant impressions. Don’t keep your customer guessing – let them know what you have to offer before they walk up to your location.

    Real Estate Open House Flags & Signs

    We work with 1000’s of real estate agents every year. Our most popular real estate flag designs are the “Open House” flags. These are light weight and easy to store and transport with the travel bags, therefore, they are preferred by all agents because they make it very easy for someone to spot an open house. Yard signs are small and often missed so upgrade your tools with these top selling open house signs instead.  These open house flags can also be customized with your own company logo and colors, live image of yourself or your agent, and any text that you’d like. For branding purposes, once budget opens up, we advise all real estate agents to purchase custom open house flags for themselves and their team.

    Free Design Services for ALL Custom Signs

    As mentioned, we provide FREE DESIGN SERVICES, for all custom sign orders (up to three proofs, some non-fabric products may be excluded). Jump start your business today by purchasing our most popular product – our 14ft custom double-sided feather flag kit. If you have any questions, call our number at (832) 273-5721 or email us at

    Stay tuned! We will be adding new signage options throughout the next couple of years! Our goal is to be your one-stop shop for all of your indoor and outdoor signage needs. Perfect Promotional Signs for all businesses, sports teams or individuals. We offer full customization.

    Feather Flag Banners

    Great portability and versatility. Easily Transport and Install.

    Teardrop Flag Banners

    Popular and uniquely designed. Great to use for any outdoor or indoor event.




    Table Covers

    Attract Customers to
    Your Business Using

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