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These pre-printed products are perfect for when your in a time crunch and need a sign fast. We have several pre-designed messages ready to be shipped as soon as they are purchased.


Why Pre-made Products?


Time and Effort Saving: These pre-printed products are ready to ship, saving you the time and effort required for designing and production times. This is particularly beneficial for events or promotions that have tight timelines.


Cost-Effectiveness: Ordering pre-printed products saves you money since they are sold at a discounted rate.


Event Flexibility: These products can be reused for different events and promotions.


The flag banner kit comes with the following:


  • Medium single sided 110g polyester flag banner (flag size is 10.5ft tall by 3ft wide. Overall height with pole is 14ft)
  • Medium pole kit (3 poles)
  • Free carry bag
  • Ground stake

Pre-Printed Products

  • Warranty:

    There is no expressed warranty on any product and its hardware (you may contact a member of management for questions or concerns).

    Life Span:

    The average life span of our flag banners are about 4 to 12 months depending on weather.

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