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* Once order is placed, one of our designers will contact you via the email you provide requesting artwork or design description if not on field above. (Pre-designed artwork must be placed on our template located by clicking this link here. There will be a setup fee if the pre-designed artwork is placed by us on the template.)


Sleek and refined table covers for any occasion

On your way to an expo? Trying to get yourself noticed in a sea of other businesses?

The beautiful, simple design of this product is the perfect means to showcase your brand! Our fitted, loose and stretch table covers combine a sense of elegance with a traditional style for a clean and sleek look. They will not only meet your expectations but also catch the eyes of those walking by. As a great balance between formal and casual styles, table covers are suitable for various environments. Whether it’s for a professional business exhibition or a personal celebration, your table cover will stand out from the rest. Garnished in our cloth, your table will look instantly high-end and ready for all events.

The covers are large enough to provide sufficient space for any logo or emblem. Think of anything between flashy and extravagant designs to something simple but bold. You can be sure that you’ll be leaving a deep impression to passers-by at the end of the day. Order now and one of our graphic designers will be sure to contact you and meet all your artistic needs. The possibilities are endless! Almost anything you can imagine can be brought to life on our table covers.

Your table cover will fit securely on your table and s