How do I order flag banner

These uniquely designed custom flags are a favorite of many of our clients. Teardrop banner flags can be used at trade-shows, indoor mall booths and stores, and at many special events — such as chili festivals, fairs, concerts, and other outdoor locations.

If you are looking for a flag banner that you plan to use indoors, then the teardrop flag style is recommended.  Due to the shape of this flag, it is fully open 100% of the time.  The teardrop shape of the banner also prevents it from fluttering or moving around, which essentially makes this a portable hung banner.

People often think flag poles are long, bulky, and hard to work with.  That is simply not true. Our flag pole kits are light weight and are easily telescoped together to make one large pole unit. When compared to our custom feather flags, our teardrop banners are lighter by about 2lbs.  The total weight of a teardrop flag kit is approximately 6.5lbs.  This weight includes 1 flag, a flag pole, and a ground stake.  You can also upgrade your order to include a travel bag which allows all of your components to neatly fit into a canvas bag.   This allows you to easily transport and install our teardrop banners at various events.

Stand out from a large crowd outdoors with our 17 foot feather flag banner kit, or get your booth noticed at an indoor shopping mall with our 8 foot flutter flag kit.  Our custom flags are available in various sizes, allowing you to use them for all occasions.